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Fire Alarms Systems


Most fire alarms systems are set up to help people detect when a fire is taking place in a home or building. They are extremely important for homes with a large occupancy, such as dorm rooms or apartment buildings. Most systems are becoming more and more complex and manufacturers are including advanced technology to become instantly automated. 

The overall design of a fire alarm system must meet certain safety regulations for legal and insurance purposes. They come with standardised installation methods in order to make sure they are in good working condition. The fundamental configuration is made up of a fire alarm control panel. This is the central hub of the overall system and consists of monitors. This hub is able to relay information very quickly in order to activate the system and warn people to evacuate the building.

Since a fire system is very important for reliability, it often comes with a backup power supply. This back up supply usually consists of lead acid storage batteries. Generators are also often used in case there is power failure. The notification application is triggered to provide stored energy sources to persons to evacuate or leave the premises. A fire alarm system will come with instructions on how to quickly and safely leave the environment in the event of a fire. The notification appliances are usually audible, textual, tactile or visible. In some cases, (for those who are disabled, deaf or blind) an olfactory stimuli is added, which is an odour that is let out when there is fire detected. The most common devices are the visible and audible signals. Other appliances that are often used with fire alarms systems include magnetic smoke door holders and duct mounted smoke detection. Here at Electrical Warehouse, we are able to offer a range of fire and security solutions to our consumers, whether you’re a professional tradesperson, or a homeowner doing their first installation work. We want to provide every single consumer with the best we can in terms of value for money and operational quality. Have a browse through our range of fire alarm systems and if you find the right option for you, it’s easy to order and benefit from great savings and next day delivery offers.

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