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Oil Filled Radiators


We stock a range of electric heating items designed to help you minimise the expense when heating your home or business. Heating bills can be costly, particularly in colder months, and in addition to this, heating large spaces can take a long time. Many homeowners might assume that they need to get an entirely new heating system to fix these heating issues, but in reality a few simple oil filled electric radiators may easily do the trick.

One of the difficult factors in utilising a heating unit using gas or electricity is that it takes a long time for you to heat your house, especially if the house has multiple levels. To generate enough heat to fill two floors of rooms can be quite the feat. The period your house was designed in may also contribute to difficulties in keeping it warm. If it is an older house, chances are that the insulation is not top grade and a lot of heat is being lost through the walls, windows, and roof.

The great thing about portable oil filled electric radiators is that you can immediately heat the room that you are using. Most of the time, we are not using every room in our home, so why waste heat on the rooms you aren't using? You can use these heaters in any room that has an electrical socket to plug into. It can rapidly warm up a 150 sq. foot area, doing so efficiently. When you are done with needing heat in the space, you can just unplug it and move it to another room.

Traditional baseboard heaters can only be placed on the perimeter of the room near a door or window to allow circulation. Oil heaters can be put wherever you need it to be and continue operating efficiently. These heaters can be left on night or day without anyone watching them, as they have high safety standards. Some of these heaters which have programmable timers which allows you to control them according to your needs, allowing you to save money. They are fairly inexpensive to buy and are also durable enough to last a long time, making them even more cost-effective.

Here at Electrical Warehouse, we sell only the highest quality electric heaters for your needs, whether you’re a professional trades person or a homeowner doing their first installation work. Have a look over our oil filled radiator range and if you find the right option for you, it’s easy to order and benefit from great savings and next day delivery offers.

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  • Dimplex OFX1500 OFX Range White Oil Filled Electric Radiator With Adjustable Energy Regulator Thermostat 1.5kW H:648mm x W:1084mm x 230mm Dimplex OFX1500 OFX Range White Oil Fill...
    Excl. Tax: £147.99 Incl. Tax: £177.59

    Product Code:OFX1500

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