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LED High Bays / Low Bays


LED High Bay Lighting is an LED Lamp based lighting installation used to illuminate industrial areas with a comparatively higher ceiling height. They are also a preferred choice of lighting for places that require to be illuminated from a distance of 20 feet or above. Despite being installed at a distance from the line of vision, they provide light uniformity and low glare.

LED High Bay Lighting makes the cut when it comes to providing dense intensity lighting with a noticeable clarity. It works best for workshops, warehouses, factories with a low-level assembly line, halls and commercial set-ups. LED High Bay Lighting use different securing clasps, such as hook for traditional high bay lighting and cable or chain for their fluorescent counterparts. LED high bay lighting is cost effective in the long-term.

Low bays light fixtures are primarily used in commercial environments that require superior color rendering and minimum glare. As the lighting fixtures are placed at a very low position, all the light that is being emitted is directed upwards instead of down as the counterparts. Low bay light fixtures are typically installed in ceilings measuring 20 feet in height or less.

LED Low bay lights are ideal investments for companies seeking a more ergonomic light source for their employees, and a luminaire that will contribute to a more productive work environment. Fluorescent bulbs have gained enormous, recent popularity as low bay light sources because of their high level of uniformity and energy efficiency in contrast to HID products. Assembly lines often prefer them because they render color with great detail and provide a very ergonomic source of lighting for workers performing monotonous, tedious tasks.

Here at Electrical Warehouse, we are able to offer a range of excellent lighting solutions to our consumers, whether you’re a professional tradesperson, or a homeowner doing their first installation work. We want to provide every single consumer with the best we can in terms of value for money and operational quality. Have a browse through our range of LED high bays and low bays and if you find the right option for you, it’s easy to order and benefit from great savings and next day delivery offers.

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