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Cooper Safety, a wing of Cooper Industries, manufacture some of the most reliable safety products in the electrical industry. Cooper is a long-established name in the fields of design, manufacture and engineering, operating since the 1830s. In recent years they have focused a lot of their attention on lighting and safety products, but Cooper Safety carries that same standard for high quality products that historically has extended across everything from steam engines to kitchen stoves.


The name Cooper Industries is one associated with reliability and durability, key features when it comes to safety products. Cooper Safety manufactures a range of emergency lighting, fire safety devices and household alarm systems. We stock a wide selection of Cooper lighting products, many of which can provide additional safety and security features to a property


Cooper Safety is at the forefront of electrical safety systems and lighting, with a team of designers and innovators continually helping them to improve on both quality of performance and cost-effectiveness. Cooper products are popular with tradesman and homeowners alike, which is a major reason why here at Electrical Warehouse we’re happy to stock them.


Cooper Industries was established in Ohio almost 200 years ago, and has built a legacy for quality and a name which now has global reach and respect. As we continue establishing ourselves as one of the leading electrical wholesalers in Europe, we will definitely be looking to our partnerships with brands such as Cooper Safety to ensure our customers get the quality they deserve.

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Items found: 6