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Plug-In Consumer Time Controller


A Plug-In Consumer Time Controller is a crucial gadget for every home. You may need it if you are preparing to go for a long vacation to control lighting and other appliances in your home, in your absence. Modern time controllers are designed to cater for any eventuality whether setting up appliances or setting the lights. The time controller plugs directly into a wall socket for the economy, convenience, and security applications.

The best plug-in consumer time controller can control filament lights up to 400W and efficiently control 13 Amp devices. They actually operate by switching appliances ON/OFF at the preset times. They come with a manual override that caters for the next program change, up to 24hr ON/OF programs, a minimum of 30 minutes switching intervals that can be raised in 15-minute phases, user-friendly setting pins.  Some consumer time controllers can work with 100W LED Lighting. Other models can actually control 1000hrs rechargeable memory backup and have an optional random switching function. The shortest switching time for most units is one minute. A majority of units have a top side display to make it easy for the user to view when operating the gadget. The random features help to make premises or homes look occupied. They also work efficiently for all 3kW (3A) lamps and appliances.

A plug-in consumer time controller is a necessity in this era of digital living. Investing in a reliable consumer time controller will save you from the worries of controlling most of the electrical appliances and lights when you are on holiday. Make the ultimate decision of ordering your digital time controller unit today to enjoy all the convenience, security, and economic benefits.

Here at Electrical Warehouse, we are able to offer a range of switching & control products to our consumers, whether you’re a professional tradesperson, or a homeowner doing their first installation work. We want to provide every single consumer with the best we can in terms of value for money and operational quality. Have a browse through our range of plug-in consumer time controllers and if you find the right option for you, it’s easy to order and benefit from great savings and next day delivery offers.

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Items found: 4