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Polished Brass


Polished brass switches and sockets are well insulated electrical components, serving both as functional electrical units as well as design accessories for home décors. Polished brass switches and sockets give a nice finishing touch of elegance and class to a fresh electrical installation or a home renovation project. Needless to say, they are more durable compared to sockets and switches made from other materials like PVC or plastic.

It is not uncommon to find a broken PVC or plastic socket due to their brittle and fragile nature. Polished brass switches and sockets not only offer greater durability, but are also easy to clean with a clean, dry cloth. Other materials are more likely to stain, especially if installed in high traffic areas such as corridors. We stock a broad range of polished brass switches and sockets for a variety of purposes; telephone and co-axial sockets, standard plugs, standard light switches and dimmer light switches. We stock a wide range of colour options for the switches and sockets on each polished brass plate, intended to aid you in choosing a design that matches a particular theme or décor.

Our range of polished brass switches and socks tend to come on square designs with rounded edges, although some employ rectangular plates when they include several switches, again coming with rounded edges.

All of our switches and sockets are safe for use in the UK and meet appropriate standards and ratings. A 13A socket or switch is the recommended because 13A matches with the power supply grid in the UK for domestic and office use. We make it our priority to stock only the best electrical brands to ensure our customers are offered quality and prices that are second to none.

At Electrical Warehouse, we sell only the most premium polished brass switches and sockets, intended to meet all of your operational needs. After viewing our polished brass range, we’re sure you’ll find an item that fits your needs. You can then benefit from our excellent savings and next day delivery offers.

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