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Rubber Connectors


Rubber electrical plug connectors are utilised for joining subsections of various circuits together. In many cases, a connector is employed when it is necessary to disconnect the different subsection sometime in the future. They can also come in models that allow you to transfer from one plug type to another, for example when changing from a European three-pin plug to the plugs used in the U.K.

The rubber casing allows for safe and durable use across a variety of settings. They’re not as easily damaged as plastic or PVC so can be used to extend power networks outdoor or in commercial properties as well as in homes. One thing to be aware of is that connecting and disconnecting rubber electrical plug connectors can wear them out.

Most electrical connectors may only be connected in one manner. This particular trait is known as polarity. Keyed or polarised connectors refer to units that have some means to stop them from being connected wrong. The gender of rubber electrical plug connectors refers to whether it is plugged into or plugs in and is usually described as male or female. You will need to distinguish between male and female electrical connectors and how many of each you need for your circuit.

All electrical supplies use either alternating current (a.c) or direct current (d.c). The electrical plug connectors should be designed to maximise safe and reliable use. We only stock the leading electrical brands for each product, allowing us to confidently say that we offer the highest safety standards. A U.K. mains power supply features approximately 230V and must be utilised safely.

At Electrical Warehouse, we sell only the highest quality rubber electrical plug connectors for the needs of your circuit. Whether it’s for a professional trades person, or an inexperienced homeowner, we want to offer each consumer the best in terms of quality and price. Have a look through our plug connector range and if you find one that is right for you, it’s simple to place an order and experience our great savings and next day delivery offers.

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  • BG Electrical Permaplug Black Three Round Pin Rubber Connector (Non Reversible) 10A BG Electrical Permaplug Black Three Roun...
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    Product Code:NC10/3BLK

  • BG Electrical Permaplug White Three Round Pin Rubber Connector (Non Reversible) 10A BG Electrical Permaplug White Three Roun...
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    Product Code:NC10/3WHI

Items found: 2